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Flyers & Leaflets by @Starre Design & Print

Are you trying to appeal to a more discerning type of clientele?

We’re not suggesting you put up ‘no riff-raff’ signs on your premises. That would be silly. But maybe you need a more sophisticated level of marketing to appeal to your target audience. Our Showcards may just be the answer. They’re ever so posh and available in a wide range of exciting finishes.

Leaflets are one of the cheapest forms of direct marketing. Leaflets are so versatile, it’s no surprise so many of our customers find them an essential part of their marketing. Whether they’re being popped through letter boxes, inserted into newspapers, posted out or propped up on the counter – leaflets look great in glorious full colour and are incredibly low cost

Flyers are great for hand-outs and great for sticking through letterboxes. If you’re looking for something a bit thicker than a leaflet, maybe for a hand-out or to give your message more weight, try some Flyers. Add a cut-out shape of your choice to make your flyer really unique.

Flyers and Leaflets Designed @Starre

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